Want to Serve? 4 Military Careers for Mechanically-Minded People


Serving in the military comes with great honor. There are lots of different jobs that you can get while in the military. Here are a few of careers available for those that are mechanically minded:


Intelligence Analyst


An analyst examines complex data and makes an educated guess on the next step for the operation. This job can be performed either in the field or from an office. Having computer skills is a must for this role. The function of an intelligence analyst is to compile all the data and prepare a report on threat assessment. Another good skill to have is to be able to speak multiple languages. This way, you can look at incoming data from other countries.


Electronics Specialist


An electronics specialist operates tracking equipment for the military. This can involve radar units, like those from AvioTech Ltd, and communication equipment. To do well in this career, it is essential to understand how the equipment functions. This way, you will be able to make any repairs to the equipment that may be needed in the field. It is also good to know about any shortcomings that the equipment may have when operating. There are other careers that involve this type of specialty. Navigation is one of those areas.


Environmental Health Technician


This type of career involves measuring the environment for any potential health hazards. It involves using equipment that samples the air, water, and dirt to identity any chemicals that may be present. You would also be looking to see if there was a risk that involved bacteria. Having a background in science is strongly recommended. This would give you a better understanding of what the equipment is telling you. Then, you would be able to interpret your results accurately.


Construction Personnel


The military also needs people that are more hands on. Most of these jobs would be employed on a base. There is always the need to repair and maintain infrastructure. Some of these jobs may involve being able to wire and plumb a building. Being able to read blueprints can prove to be beneficial in this career. You would need to be able to work well with engineers and architects in order to complete the jobs. Having a degree in engineering can provide you with advancement opportunities.


Being mechanically-minded can open up many different doors for you when it comes to career choices both within the military and in the civilian workforce. Best of luck to you in your military career decision!


By:Hannah / Freelance Writer

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