How to boost your employer brand in 2017

The new year is fast approaching, meaning it is time for HR professionals across the UK to look back at their progress in 2016 and think about their priorities for the coming 12 months.
For recruitment teams, one of the best ways of keeping your company ahead of the game is by looking at upcoming trends and assessing how you compare to your peers. ...
Mar 24

Every Pet-loving Company Should Have a Pets at Work Policy

Studies have shown that allowing pets in the workplace can lower stress levels, break the ice and increase job satisfaction. But, before you start allowing employees to bring their pets to work, it’s important to set a pets at work policy and make sure everyone (including employees who don’t have pets), are on board with it. ...
Mar 14

5 Bills for California Employers to Track in 2017

The California Legislature has introduced several bills so far in the 2017 session that could have a significant impact on the workplace.
"It's expected to be a very eventful year here in California, especially with the way the cards are stacked," said Michael Kalt, an attorney with Wilson Turner Kosmo in San Diego. ...
Mar 6

How Can Cultural Differences Affect Business Communication?

In the business world, communication is imperative for the successful execution of daily operations. Understanding cultural differences and overcoming language barriers are some of the considerations people should have when dealing with business with people of various cultures. ...
Mar 2

Who will suffer from a government hiring freeze? Veterans.

Fewer jobs and fewer services await our servicemen and women.
On Jan. 23, in accordance with his promises to shrink the size of the government through attrition, President Trump announced a federal hiring freeze. This is red meat to his base, which has fervently argued that limited government is better, more effective government. ...
Feb 24

Veteran Transitioning Through an Era of Technological Innovation

Transitioning Veterans are slowly approaching a critical point in history whereas they may no longer be directly hirable by the private sector.Over our nation’s history, Veterans traditionally transitioned seamlessly from a role within the military to a civilian career of equal pay and responsibility. ...
Feb 14

7 Ways to Bridge the Boomer-Millennial Gap

Among the biggest challenges for leaders is managing different personalities. While getting any two strangers to work effectively with one another in the workplace is difficult, at times some millennials and baby boomers might seem to have the most opposite set of agendas. ...
Feb 10

8 winning tactics for creating gold medal teamwork

The Olympics are now in our rear view mirror. This is a good time to review and learn from the teamwork that goes into making an Olympian successful.
Team GB had magnificent success at the Olympics. That kind of success doesn’t happen without teamwork. ...
Feb 2

Terminations: How managers rationalize putting them off — and then screw them up anyway

Managers will go to great lengths to avoid the dreaded “termination conversation.” And when the confrontation finally happens, they often screw it up. Here are some suggestions to solve both problems.
First, a few of the more common rationalizations supervisors use to avoid dropping the axe – and why these avoidance tactics don’t make sense:
‘Maybe they’ll improve’
This is usually an idle hope – if they were going to improve, wouldn’t they have done so before things got this far? If the proper remediation steps have been taken and minimal standards still aren’t being met, it’s time to take action. ...
Jan 24

Why You Should Get To The Gym On A Stressful Work Day

For anyone who is feeling absolutely buried at work today, here is one piece of advice: Do not miss that workout you had planned. 
According to a recent study published in Medicine & Science In Sports & Exercise, being in good shape is critical for protecting your body against high-stress moments at work. ...
Jan 20